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It is not uncommon for people to experience crying during and after meditation. Do not worry if that happens to you; this is a completely normal reaction. This can be seen as a healthy release of past trauma, sadness, or stress. Crying is your body's way of releasing emotion and cleansing itself.

The truth is, the only place we can fully be is here and now. Of course, it is important to plan for the future or reflect on the past, but it’s about balance.


Through Mindfulness any awareness you need will come to you when it’s ready. For now, it’s about creating the space for your experiences to ‘be’.​

Activate  your senses as you move your attention through your body, notice what you see, feel, hear, taste, smell. Name them, without judgement, and then let them go.

Mindfulness can be practiced individually or as part of a group during a retreat. In fact, mindfulness is so easy you can practice it anywhere.

Mindfulness can be practiced for the sole purpose of becoming more mindful and there are several mindfulness practices and organizations which are aimed at specific groups of people.

One example is the Mindful Warrior Project , which is just one of the groups aimed at helping military veterans use mindfulness to increase their well-being post-combat. 

There are also various groups focused on teaching mindfulness to children, such as the Kids Programme from Youth Mindfulness

At Wellness & Wonder, this time we are interviewing Kevin Ellerton. Kevin is a meditation teacher, author, activist, entrepreneur, founder of Meditation Magazine, evil capitalist, loving husband and father-to-be.

Kevin is also a tiny organism on a mote of dust, spinning helplessly through an infinite universe. Kevin is not a discrete being… he is part of the Universe, like the Ants, the Seas, the Stars… and You  


Kevin loves to help people realize their true selves and find unshakeable joy, bliss, happiness, and equanimity through meditation. 

Sat on the Rocks

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An inspiration is a product of our way of thinking, like a bright idea. 

If we have a revolutionary inspiration, we are able to change the world. 

Inspiration refers to a sudden idea, or something that gives us a strong urge to act. We realise the effect of the power of our words on others and  how beautiful it is to give voice to our soul and our mind, connecting people who believe in the same values.

We unleash our creativity and be inspired by it , throughout  the vast collection of topics, quotes , amazing people and about the inspiration we have chosen for you.

And now, here is our secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one sees well ;  what is essential is invisible to the eye.

Lots of Love & Wonders

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